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UPDATE – We have a winner: I don’t know, do you know? The unknown house fire.

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I’m usually much better than this. I missed an important clue or two  (told you I was clueless).  But, as expected, STATter911.com reader came through (including Grant Mishoe, editor of SConFire.com, John Ryan Buchan, and the following from our comments section – Firespot1, Dobbis, AFD360).

The Sutphen was the key for many of you. It belongs to the Pineville Fire Department in Louisiana. The fire was on Monday in Wardville. A body was found inside the home and a man has now been arrested.

The Town Talk:

A Pineville man has been arrested in connection to a Monday fire in Wardville where a body was found in the rubble, according to police.

The fire was reported around noon Monday at 120 Wayne St. in Wardville. Members of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT, Louisiana State Police, Alexandria Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Violent Offenders Task Force searched Monday and early Tuesday for a suspect, 44-year-old John Richard Purvis of 419 Smith St. in Pineville, in connection to the case.


I find it interesting that people post videos on YouTube wanting the world to see what they have seen but very frequently don’t tell us where it occurred other. Many times a fire video will just, “This fire was on my street”. I end up spending a good portion of my time looking for clues in clips to try and figure out where the video was shot.

I think I do a pretty good job with my video detective work, but this video has me stumped. It only says “Structure Fire”.  It doesn’t show any apparatus, close-ups with identifying marks on PPE, or other clues that usually help me (BTW, clueless is my normal state).

I guess I could assume it occurred in Louisiana, because the person who posted it goes by the name LouisianaHusker. But I try my best not to assume. So, my dear readers, I am assuming (there he goes doing what he just said he wouldn’t do) someone out there can put an end to my two day long search and give me some answers in our comments section.

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