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Update on Miami-Dade confrontation video: Situation under review. No disciplinary action at this time. Department says they are allowed to secure landing zones.

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The man who took the video of being confronted by a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue captain at a helicopter landing for a stabbing victim told WFOR-TV yesterday “photography is not a crime”. We received a large number of comments about the video after posting it Friday morning. The large majority are critical of the captain for confronting Taylor Hardy and the manner in which he did so.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue says it is reviewing the situation. The initial statement of the department does not address that Hardy was initially ordered to shut down his camera to protect the patient’s privacy. Instead it focuses on the same scene safety issue that the captain voiced rather aggressively with Hardy. Many writing in thought the bigger safety issues was potential contamination from the bloody gloves worn by the captain.

A criminal defense attorney points out to the TV station that Hardy could have easily been arrested for obstruction for failing to follow the captain’s orders. One interesting point is that despite the captain calling on the radio urgently requesting police numerous times for a “combative bystander” Hardy wrote on his YouTube page that no police ever came.


Miami Dade Fire Rescue tells us they are aware of this video. They also told us they are allowed to secure landing zones for rescue helicopters that will protect the public.

Taylor Hardy says he was simply exercising his first amendment rights and only planned to post the video on his blog.

Hardy said he filed a complaint with Miami Dade Fire Rescue.

Miami Dade Fire Rescue tells us they are reviewing the situation and they have not taken any disciplinary action against the Captain at this time.

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