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Must see pair of dash-cam videos as ice takes toll on firefighters in OH & IN. Vehicle smashes into crash scene. Ice chunk takes out fire truck windshield.

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We have been traveling the last couple days and are glad we haven’t had to deal with the ice issues firefighters in the Midwest encountered. Here are two incidents were firefighters were hurt and very lucky that their injuries weren’t more serious.


A Dayton firefighter  was struck by an out of control pickup truck on icy US Highway 35 early Tuesday morning and it was all caught on a police cruiser cam.

Dayton Police released the video of the incident saying they do not plan to file any charges in the multiple vehicle accident that left the fire captain injured.

Captain Barry Cron was on the scene where a vehicle overturned in the median. Officials said icy conditions caused the driver to lose control. While police, firefighters and medics were on the scene, more vehicles began crashing. 

In the video above Dayton’s fire chief shares his reaction to the incident with WDTN-TV:

Dayton Fire Chief Herbert Redden watches as one of his own, Captain Barry Cron, is hit while responding to an accident on US 35 around 5:30 Tuesday morning.

“It looks he made an attempt here to stop the traffic and then he goes back and tries to assess the injured party.  Watch when he holds his head up, boom!” explains Chief Redden.

Chief Redden says he is very lucky, “we are blessed that our Captain wasn’t seriously injured and some of the other individuals on the scene that was there, wasn’t seriously injured.  Emergency service workers do dangerous work.  We try to do it in as safe environment as we can.”

The video above shows what it looked like after a slab of ice flew off a vehicle and hit the windshield of a Wayne Township, Indiana fire truck on Tuesday. Firefighter Matt Ervin was injured but able to bring the fire truck to a stop. Below is dash-cam video as the ice hits. Click here for an interview with Firefighter Ervin.

Tanya Spencer, Indy Channel:

“I saw a vehicle coming at us and snow and ice came off the roof and like a second later, it was in the windshield,” said Matt Ervin, who was driving the fire truck. “(The windshield) came up real close and hit me right in the forehead.”

Ervin was injured but was able to safely bring the fire truck to a stop. The driver of the pickup truck continued east on 21st Street, officials said. 

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