More radio traffic from firefighters taken hostage in Gwinnett County, GA. More details & video after gunman is killed & firefighters rescued.

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Still pictures shot by neighbors 

Last night’s coverage

Above is more complete radio traffic from firefighterdispatch of the incident in Suwanee, Georgia yesterday where the crews from Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services Engine 10 and Med 10 where taken hostage for four hours.

Andria Simmons & Dan Klepal,

Police used “flash bang” concussion grenades to stun the gunman, who had lured firefighters to the residence by faking a heart attack hours earlier.

Officers with Gwinnett County’s SWAT team then killed the man in a shootout.

It was a violent end to a harrowing day for public safety officials and people in the community, dozens of whom watched the standoff unfold over four hours.

It started after firefighters responded to the medical call at 2440 Walnut Grove Way just after 3 p.m. The gunman initially took five firefighters hostage, but let one leave to move a firetruck in front of the house, Ritter said.

One police officer was wounded in the exchange of gunfire, but his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening. The firefighters suffered minor injuries. All were transported to a local hospital.


Police say the suspect died during an exchange of gunfire. One police officer was shot in the hand but will be okay.

Police used a flash-bang grenade to distract the suspect when they felt the firefighters were in “immediate danger”.

Five firefighters were originally taken hostage after responding to a reported medical call at the residence near Collins Hill Rd. and Taylor Rd.

The suspect let one man go to move the fire truck. The four remaining firefighters are all okay.

According to property tax records, the home where the firefighters were held hostage was foreclosed on November 2012.


All five Gwinnett County firefighters who were held hostage Wednesday afternoon have been released from the hospital after being treated for superficial shrapnel injuries.

“Those firefighters again had superficial injuries, not from gunfire, due to shrapnel being detonated,” (Capt. Tommy) Rutledge said.

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