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You’ll love this: Fresno Truck 4 gives police chase play-by-play during major fire. Also, collapse at strip mall caught on video.

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It’s always something. A police pursuit early this morning in Fresno, California headed straiht for where Fresno firefighters were dealing with a major fire in a strip mall. Command was alerted and received reports from its eye in the sky, a firefighter at the top of Truck 4 (or, if you prefer, the “truck mounted sprayer”, as an article below calls it).

As you will see in the video above, the pursuit came close, but skirted the area around the fire on all four sides of the shopping center.

There is more exciting video from the fire itself. A structural collapse was caught on at least three different cameras. You will see that in the various TV coverage below.

Amanda Venegas, KSFN-TV:

Fresno Firefighters arrived at the Mayfair Shopping Center within minutes of smoke being reported by a passerby. The Train Depot, Super Suds Laundry, Jesse’s Seafood Market and Thai Phooket were destroyed by the fire.

Officials said the type of roofing on the building made the flames spread quickly through the entire structure. It’s estimated to be a total loss.

Early Tuesday morning, employees of The Train Depot restaurant came out to see the aftermath of the fire. The owner and employees say they were devastated to see the restaurant burn to the ground. The business has been there for more than three decades. The owner said she plans to reopen.


The fire was already coming through the roof when firefighters arrived and spread very quickly.
Kris Townsend with the Fresno Fire Department said crews had to pull back and allow truck-mounted sprayers to knock down the flames for safety reasons..

Early this morning flames consumed the Train Depot, Super Suds Laundry, Jesse’s Seafood Market and a Thai restaurant. Fire crews believe the blaze began in the attic and spread quickly.

Fire crews think faulty wiring may be to blame. However, the investigation is ongoing. In the meantime, crews will remain on scene putting out any hot spots. Fire crews say all four businesses are a complete loss. Damage will cost about $1.7 million.

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