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FDNY rescues one up a tree. Not a cat, but a cop trying to get one.

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Authorities say a New York police officer who went after a cat stuck in a tree got caught himself and needed a little help getting back down to the ground.

The Fire Department of New York says it happened Monday afternoon in Queens.

A call came in that a man attempting to get a cat out of a tree had gotten stuck. Fire department personnel used a bucket ladder to get the man and the cat down.

The fire department says the man is a police officer.

The New York Police Department has no comment. 


The FDNY responded with a tower ladder and found the officer and the cat about 30 feet up in the tree.

Neighbor Jeff Yu, 22, said students from the nearby school had just gotten out and lingered to stare at the cat and cop.

“It was kind of comical,” he said. “They seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were no rude comments or anything.”

The officer had lit a flare and set up cones on the ground underneath the tree before going up but onlookers ignored them as they gathered and gawked from the ground, said Yu.

Kristan Conley, New York Post:

The cop went up after the cat. The cat went a little further out. So, the cop went further out and he got stuck.”

Firefighters sent a ladder and bucket to bring both the cop and the cat back to solid ground, unharmed, sources said.

“The cat might be taken into questioning for foul play,” another source quipped.

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