Must see video: Firefighters burned during tanker truck on fire at service station in Vietnam.

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This is video from ntvinh1602 of a fire today at 28 Tran Hung Dao in Hanoi, Vietam. According to the description, the service station is located across from the Central Military Hospital 108. Ten firefighters were hurt, including at least two who were seriously burned. Pictures here show one person with his clothes on fire. The fire spread from the service station lot to a nearby bar.

14h15, fire kept spreading out with huge blasts. 50 firefighters tried to control the fire, about 10 firetruck waited to reach the scene. A sedan car parking in the gas station and nearby beerhouse caught fire and destroyed completely. But no one died so far, only 3 gas station employees injured.

16h, firefighters shouted with joy when the fire under control temporarily, no black smoke rises. However, the fire hose and sprinkler continually bubbles to cool the tank.

16h15, the intense flames and fire burning harder than the beginning. At least two firefighters were taken to the hospital in very serious condition. The reason is when the fire was extinguished temporarily, enforcers decided to discharged gasoline from the tanker to prevent fires, then it met the hot heat and started to fire again!

From Vietnam Net Bridge. Click here and scroll down for more photos.

Tuoi Tre:

According to Tuoi Tre’s on-the-scene-reporters, at least 10 firefighters sustained burn injuries while battling the fire and all of them have been taken to hospital for treatment.

The cause of the blaze was not immediately clear yet. 20 fire trucks and a large number of firefighters have been deployed to the scene.

As of 4:45pm today, firefighters were still working to put it out entirely. Around 15 mins later, more than 1000 people were deployed to extinguish the fire. Tuoi Tre reporters at the scene said they could feel the heat and the smell of gasoline hundreds of meters away from the fire scene. 

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