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Must see video: More adventures in public relations. Is this the Captain Smart of the north?

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As you watch this, I will be the first to admit, other than what is evident on the video, I have no clue what kind of scene this was or what the person with the camera did or didn’t do to warrant the expletives coming from the man who says on the video he is the “fire chief”. What I do know is that, much like Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Captain Greg Smart’s infamous on camera tirade, this is probably not the best way for professionals who deal with public to handle with this situation. Even if you are right, you undermine your own authority and reputation with actions like this caught on camera.

The description with the video from ccspagan simply asks, “Is this how public officials should treat taxpayers?”

It claims to have been taken in Uniontown, Pennsylvania (Fayette County) and that the fire chief is Charles Coldren of the Uniontown Fire Department.

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