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Film from 1967 fire in The Plains, VA after train & truck collide. Former fire chief narrates.

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(Thanks to reader Randy Higgins for sending this along.)

This is a wonderful bit of film of a major fire in The Plains, Virginia from 46-years ago posted by the Fauquier Times (FauquierDotCom). It was found by Lynwood Beavers and narrated by his dad George Beavers. Here’s some of what reporter Mark Grandstaff wrote about it:

In February of 1967, George Beavers, former fire chief of The Plains Volunteer Fire Company, saw the sky turn black in The Plains.

Beavers coordinated the fire and rescue response to a fire that started when a truck driver, James Hillard, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into an oncoming train. Hillard died in the crash. The resultant fire ravaged the Piedmont Lumber Co. building and an apartment complex on the west side of town.

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