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Must see video: Explosion rocks service station in Chile. At least 4 injured.

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Thanks to Matt Tomlins and and Fernando Xavier Frez Meriño, who is a volunteer firefighter in Chile, for alerting STATter911.com to this story.

Fox News Latino:

At least four people were injured and another 600 were evacuated when a gas  truck exploded Tuesday at a gas station in the coastal Chilean city of Viña del  Mar, authorities said.

The accident occurred soon after 12:30 p.m. when the truck was unloading gas  at the station.

The truck had a gas leak that caused it to explode and ignite the fire,  witnesses told Radio Cooperativa.

Police immediately cordoned of a perimeter three blocks from the station,  while firefighters tried to control the blaze and keep it from spreading to  neighboring homes, businesses and a nursery school.

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