Check out these pictures. Does this mean another logo & color scheme change for the DC Fire & EMS Department is in the offing?

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With all of the turmoil in the DC Fire & EMS Department right now these pictures sure grabbed my attention after being alerted of their existance on Facebook by my old friend Max Cacas. They were taken by Jim Grimaldi and have been reprinted here with Jim’s permission.

Was this an exclusive look at a new seal/logo and color scheme change for the department? The last one sure caused quite the controversy. 

After being told where these were shot, it caused me even more confusion for a second and then it dawned on me what this was likely about.

Jim took them in front of City Hall in Los Angeles, California. That clue eventually provided the answer. This was something made up for a movie or TV show.

Jim confirms these were part of a shoot for the television show “Scandal”. The scene also involved other emergency vehicles and a sign showing the Judiciary Square Metro stop.

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