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Captured on video: Rescue of mother & child after propane explosion in an apartment building.

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I am not sure if this is old or new because I haven’t found news coverage of this story other than on LiveLeak and YouTube, but it sure is compelling. Here’s the description with the video that was posted earlier today:

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: a gas explosion occurred on the 3rd floor of a  residential building. A fire started immediately after the explosion and  engulfed residences on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

4 people, including the  1-year-old toddler, found themselves buried under the debris in the apartments –  in the video we can see the mother and her child being pulled out of the rubble,  both are alive, they suffered minor injuries. Looks like the mom shielded the  child with her own body.

Among the other injured – 2 workers who were  renovating one of the apartments and using a propane gas cylinder to install a  decorative ceiling – preliminary investigation points to the cylinder as the  cause of explosion. Almost 70 firefighters were involved in battling this blaze.

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