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Must see EMS video: Bystander captures Rochester, NY cardiac arrest save.

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As we know, those in fire and EMS can’t go anywhere without someone capturing them on video. Even on EMS calls, neighbors and bystanders are pulling out the smartphones. Such was the case Friday when the firefighters from Rochester (NY) Fire Department Engine 5 handled a cardiac arrest across from the firehouse. Not only were the bystanders shooting video, they were cheering on the firefighters and the victim.

The firefighters brought the man back to life and the video is getting some attention. The story above is from the TV show Right This Minute and shows that the man they saved, Artie, visited the firehouse this week. The video below is the raw video from Joe Ignizio. Here is some of what Mr. Ignizio wrote in the description.

Engine 5 located in Rochester, NY was called into action on a man who had a heart attack and stopped breathing. My Brother Frank and I jumped up on the patients truck which hit a utility pole and assisted in getting him out of his seat belt and out of the truck. He was purplish in color and not breathing. Then that’s where the miracle began. As you can see in the video the great ENGINE 5 team went to work. They relentlessly worked on their patient trying to revive him. Not seen in the video the fire department ENGINE 5 used an electronic device to shock his heart. After 3 times. The mans heart started.

Below is a comment Mr. Ignizio posted with the video:

I spoke to ARTIE on the phone today, the man who needed ENGINE 5 help.. He was a complete stranger to me until today. He is 58 years old and is very happy and grateful for everyone’s help. He has seen and knows about the video. After speaking to this man, I now know why it was not his time. He is an amazing soul. Thanks for calling Artie and I hope to meet you soon.

Also, an additional local news story below:


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