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Firefighters charged with vandalizing NY amusement park. Were attending training session.

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Watch interview with one of the firefighters arrested

Times of Wayne County:

Three Sodus Point firemen were arrested while attending the 47th Annual Drill School, hosted by the Old Forge Fire Department in Old Forge, New York on Saturday (9/14).

According to Town of Webb Police, Eric Frisbie and Jacob Williams, members of the Sodus Point Fire Department, were charged with Burglary, Criminal Mischief and Petit Larceny. Frisbie was additionally charged with False Impersonation.

Two of the men allegedly broke into the Enchanted Forest Water Safari. Food and prize items were stolen, a door kicked in, machines turned over and an arcade game smashed inside one of the park buildings, according to police. One of the men defecated on the floor inside of the building, according to the report.

The men were staying at the Old Forge Campgrounds, adjacent to the water park, and a warranted search of their accommodations revealed stolen food and prize items, according to police.

Police received a tip from an off-duty officer that led them to search several bars in Old Forge. The chief of Sodus Point Fire Department assisted police in trying to locate the men and contacted them via cell phone. The men refused to turn themselves in, according to police.

Working on tips, officers found the suspects at Daiker’s Inn on Route 28 later Saturday night. During the arrest, a third man, John Frisbie, brother of suspect Eric Frisbie, interfered with police and was pepper-sprayed, police said. He was also taken into custody and released on an appearance ticket for Obstructing Governmental Administration.


According to Eric Frisbie’s brother, John Frisbie, Eric and his cousin, Jacob Williams are no longer a part of the Sodus Point Fire Department after the allegations.

John Frisbie was also arrested that same weekend. The day after the destruction at the water park, local police got a tip that Eric and Jacobs could be found at the Daikers Inn, a local bar. John was also there.

“The cops walk into the bar and start asking for IDs,” John explained. “I start being a smarta**. I start saying, ‘What do you want IDs for? You can’t come in here asking for ID’s. We have rights. I’m going to video tape you.’ I grabbed the phone right off the table and then, I got maced.”

John says he fell to his knees and cooperated immediately. He says he understands why police had to use pepper-spray on him.

“I was being a smarta** and I’m a bigger individual,” he said.

John says he was issued an appearance ticket for Obstructing Governmental Administration.

Despite his own actions, John said he was not, in any way, trying to protect his brother or prevent him from getting arrested. In fact, had he known what Eric and Jacob were accused of doing, he says he would have turned them in himself.

“We all hang out together,” John said. “We do things together. We all holler, scream and hoot but none of us break stuff or go into stuff. That’s inexcusable and I don’t want anything to do with it. I don’t want to be tied with my brother and [Jacob] and what they did up there. Sodus Point Fire Department has nothing to do with their actions.”

According to John Frisbie, Eric and Jacob Williams are no longer with the fire department.

Berkeley Brean, WHEC-TV:

Eric Frisbie and Jacob Williams are accused of breaking into a family amusement park in Old Forge and stealing food, stuffed animals and breaking arcade games. Both men were in Old Forge as members of the Sodus Point Volunteer Fire Department.

Frisbie and Williams were with other members of their fire department for an annual fire fighting training weekend in Old Forge. Registration was $30 per firefighter.

The mayor of Sodus Point says the village did not pay for any registration as far as he knows. That came out of the fire department. As far as the gas to get there, the mayor is not sure whether taxpayer money paid for that.

Frisbie and Williams are accused of breaking into the Enchanted Forest Water Safari Theme Park and stealing frozen food, stuffed animal prizes and then vandalizing part of the building. Police say they tracked them down at a local hotel.

News10NBC talked to a woman who says she’s Eric Frisbie’s girlfriend. She is defending her boyfriend, but didn’t want to show her face on camera.

Brittany said, “Eric is a great person. He is a wonderful dad. He is a great companion. I’m very upset with what people are saying about him. They’re making him look like this terrible person which he’s not. Yeah, he made a mistake. He understands that. He understands the effects of what he did.”

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