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Helmet-cam video: Infant lowered to safety at Lawrenceburg, TN apartment fire.

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Claire Aiello, WHNT-TV:

The Lawrenceburg Fire Department rescued five people from a burning apartment complex Wednesday morning, including three children.

The fire started just after 2 a.m. at Oak Grove Apartments, located at 405 Oak Street. Firefighters could see flames when they pulled up. They had heard some residents were trapped in multiple units.

Firefighters used ground ladders to get two people out. While they were doing this, a second team moved up the stairs and saved three children, two of which were dropped from a balcony to police officers below.

In video recorded on the scene, you see firefighters get to one of the families. About 45 seconds in, you hear an emergency worker say ”Drop him! Drop the kid!”

The child, wearing only a diaper, is dropped a short ways.  The officer quickly catches the child.

“I got him! I do,” the officer says.

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