Must see video: A look inside the Highland Park Fire Department and the man behind the helmet-cam.

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Scott Ziegler has been contributing his videos and views to since March of 2012. They are quite popular here and elsewhere. In fact, Scott’s 2012 year-end review went viral, quickly racking up more than one-million views. This brought interviews with national publications and network newscasts. While his helmet-cam supplier and sponsor Rob Schield would probably tell us otherwise about his friend, despite the fame, Scott’s shiny head still seems to fit into the thing that holds his Fire-Cam 1080.

MI Highland Park Scott Ziegler

Scott is featured in the video above that gives us a look at his greatly overworked, understaffed and underfunded fire department in Highland Park, Michigan. As we’ve mentioned before, Scott and Rob, who is a firefighter in East St. Louis, Illinois, are members of departments that often send a handful of firefighters on two rigs to fires that would have many big cities sending 20-30 firefighters on seven or more fire trucks. These guys has long known help is not on the way, whether we are talking about mutual aid or financial assistance for cities that were in the crapper long before the nation’s economy took a dump.

What I like about Scott is his honesty and sense of humor.  On top of that he’s a very good communicator who continues to be passionate about telling the story of a once thriving city and the very small army of firefighters who try to keep it from being completely wiped off the map.

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