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Helmet-cam & drone videos: House fires in Highland Park, MI.

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Above is the latest video from Scott Ziegler, AKA HPZ1442, in Highland Park, Michigan. Here’s what Scott wrote about the fire:

We received a box alarm right around shift change, so I decided to jump on the engine since I had not gone home yet. The report came in as a fire in a vacant dwelling. We arrived to find fire on the second floor in one bedroom. The door breach was taking to long so we went through the window, call me impatient. We quickly knocked down the fire in the bedroom and made the attic were we found that it had extended into the knee walls. The attic was vented and we began opening up walls to extinguish the remaining fire. Overhaul was completed. PS the front door was breached shortly after we made entry, and a ladder was raised to the second floor for another means of egress….see we practice safety stuff too.

Fire was recorded with a firecam1080 from firevideo.net

Below is another video from Highland Park by Harry Arnold of itvdetroitabove a fireground at 75 Louise Tuesday night. The description even mentions Scott Ziegler. I wonder how they recognized Scott from that height (I am betting Rob Schield will have that answer for us in no time).

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MI HIghland Park house fire shift change

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