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AMU - IAFC webinar

There are plenty of fire chiefs and other leaders in public safety who are still quite scared of using social media to reach the masses. I don’t think the neighbors are going to TP your fire stations if you don’t use Facebook and Twitter, but more and more the citizens are expecting to get messages from you instantly on their smartphones when a crisis hits the community. The real scary thought, for Halloween or any day, is that someone else will be posting and Tweeting, giving them instructions and information that may not be accurate.

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM ET, American Military University and the International Association of Fire Chiefs are hosting a webinar on social media and can you believe they’ve invited us back? Curt Varone maybe, he at least has a skill or two as a lawyer and a firefighter, but me? Putting a live microphone in front of me again may not be such a good idea. I am only getting older and crankier. Do you think there’s a reason they’ve asked me to do this on Halloween?

The topic this time is Social Media in Large Scale Incidents, a follow-up to the one we did last October called Social Media Issues in the Fire Service. This time we will focus on some well-known critical incidents that made news in recent months and how social media was used or could have been used to effectively communicate with the public.

Maybe you have been working on a boss who is apprehensive about social media, trying to get them to embrace this concept. Send them to Curt and me tomorrow and we will see if we can get through for you. Even for those departments already doing this, there will be things to learn from the incidents we’ll be discussing.

Click here to sign up now and join us tomorrow at 11:00 AM ET.  If you aren’t there, don’t be surprised if you find your computer screen soaped.