Lancaster, PA firefighter to join Effingwoods Fire & Rescue. You can help make his stache a star.

PA Lancaster Greer wins

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Here on election day we already have the results of one important contest. In a tight race, with only one precinct reporting, STATter911.com projects Lancaster (PA) Fire Department Lt. Jason Greer will beat out Roanoke (VA) Fire Department Captain Willie Wines Jr. for a coveted spot as a volunteer firefighter with New Hampshire’s Effingwoods Fire & Rescue.

Actually it wasn’t so much a projection as it was just reading the announcement of Greer’s victory on Sunday. Despite this very close election, no one is asking for a recount and there is no talk of hanging chads. But to ensure his election is a meaningful one Jason Greer needs your help.

Hosed patch 

All of those who voted for Lt. Greer (and those who didn’t) please help us make sure Effingwoods Fire & Rescue is still around when Greer joins the department in the spring. To do so, make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign for comedian Juston McKinney’s Hosed The Movie. You can pledge as little as a dollar, but there are some nice perks if you give more. These include t-shirts, boot koozies and patches from Effingwoods F&R.

You too can become a member of the department and you can even buy your way into the movie as an extra alongside Lt. Greer. Just don’t try to outdo his starring ‘stache. We know how temperamental these actors can be.

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