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Mayday radio traffic: Boston FD Lt. Ryan McGovern burned after falling through floor of house in Jamaica Plain.

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Lt. Ryan McGovern of Boston Fire Department's Engine 28 is recovering from burns after he fell partially through the floor of a single-family home at 14 Pond Circle in Jamaica Plain around 1:00 Wednesday morning. Above is the radio traffic from Boston Fire Communications during the mayday that was called when Lt. McGovern activated his emergency alert button. Lt. McGovern was able to self-rescue and walked out on his own. He has second and third-degree burns on his thigh and third-degree burns on his left hand and wrist. Lt. McGovern was discharged from the hospital and is reported home for Thanksgiving.

Jasper Craven, Boston.com:

After crews knocked down much of the fire, McGovern was venturing into the dark with a thermal-imaging camera when he suddenly heard “crack, crack” — and crashed through the floor. He kept himself from plummeting into the basement by gripping with his hands and legs, even as embers burned him.

“I knew I was in a bad spot, and to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to come out of the hole,” he said. “I thought I was going to end up in the basement.”

McGovern made a mayday call on his radio, but got no response. He then pressed an emergency alert button on the radio, deploying a rapid intervention team.

Despite being laden with 50 pounds of gear, McGovern managed to pull himself out before the rescue team arrived. He carefully walked out, careful to make sure there were no other weak spots in the floor.

MA Boston Lt Ryan McGovern

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