FDNY probie’s Facebook posts about training extends probationary period 5 years. Some think he should have been fired for repeat offense.

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New York Post reporter Susan Edelman, who discovered the trail of racial and hate filled tweets that derailed a few careers in FDNY EMS (including FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano's son), has been focusing her reporting efforts on classes at the FDNY Academy. Edelman's recent reports were on a female probationary firefighter who was dubbed the "Teflon probie" because of the many chances she had been given to complete a running test. Today, Edelman tells us about the 35-year-old ex-rapper Trilain Smith, a probie who has been punished by Commissioner Cassano for his postings about FDNY.

According to Edelman, the 35-year-old Smith had been previously warned about violating the department's social-media policy for postings of sexually suggestive pictures dressed in firefighter gear. Then the Facebook post seen above occurred which included the line, “These n- – -as try to kill you start to finish!”. Smith was not fired by Cassano but he was barred from the graduation ceremony for his class, lost 90-days pay and had his probationary period stretched from 18 months to five years.

Susan Edelman, New York Post:

On Aug. 1, three days after his training started on Randalls Island, Smith posted several selfies under the name “King Alex” — including one of him bare-chested in his FDNY helmet and bunker gear and another showing his nude torso over an FDNY patch.

“S- -t is REALLLL!! Body OD sore!” he wrote of the drills. “no real lunch break and mfkaz screaming at you all day long.”

A top officer displayed Smith’s photos and obscenity-laced remarks in a blistering speech to the entire class. He admonished each probie to avoid posting anything that could shame the FDNY.

Using the name “Kieon Ibeast,” Smith posted the N-word diatribe to Facebook on Nov. 19. The repeat offense infuriated brass, who wanted him fired, insiders said.

Smith is part of a class that was hailed Thursday as the most racially diverse in FDNY history. Of the 242 firefighters, 24 percent is black, 36 percent is Hispanic.

Of the grads, he is one of 76 “priority hires,” minorities who took the FDNY entrance exam in 1999 and 2000 but were passed over.

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