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Pre-arrival video: 3-alarms for Glendale, CO apartments under construction.

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Video above by Chris DiBella and video below by Mohammed Alfarra of apartments under construction burning over the weekend in Glendale, Colorado. Click here for video we previously posted from this fire that had some wonderful citizen commentary.


A fire in Glendale that broke out over the weekend was so large that the glow from it could be seen 30 miles away.


The fire started at approximately 12:00 a.m. on Sunday in a five-story building that was under construction, and there was quick response from firefighters.

Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade said the rare three alarm fire called for a large response from fire crews.

“Essentially there was about 23 emergency response vehicles out here, plus the command staff,” he said. “We had a good portion of the city here.


Despite the size of the fire, emergency crews were able to prevent the fire from causing any significant damage to buildings next door. The heat from the flames did shatter some windows on cars and buildings nearby, though.

CO Denver Glendale 3-alarm apartment fire under construction

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