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Caught on video: Firefighter wrestles with hose & falls. Civilians grab line & start putting out fire until they run into trouble..

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More on this fire from FireCritic.com

Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz found this unusual video and made this comment on his blog, "Let’s just say that if this had happened to me, I would hope NO ONE witnessed it!". This occurred at a house fire at Sycamore Street and Oak Grove Avenue in Knights Landing, California. The date of the fire is unclear. Here's what chespiritochavo, who posted this video to YouTube, has to say about what happened:

I rolled up to this house on fire. Fire engine rolled up about 8 minutes later. Some not even in there turnouts(uniforms). One firefighter got owned by the hose. A resident (probably the homeowner) stepped in and took control of the hose and put out the fire. Nobody was in the house and nobody got hurt, except the firefighter that failed.

Firefighter falls

On a different fire in Knights Landing in September, the Daily Democrat wrote that neighbors complained about the department's response time, claiming it took over an hour for firefighters to respond. But the a Yolo County dispatcher and a volunteer firefighter from a neighboring department made it clear that was not the case. Here are excerpts from the article:

"I actually was the dispatcher on that," said a member of Yolo County Dispatch who didn't want to give her full name.

According to the dispatcher, the call of a structure fire at 4254 Second St. came in at 11:48 a.m. Thursday, and "Our very first unit was on scene at 11:59."

"That is simply not even close to being true," said David Martin, a volunteer firefighter with the Robbins department and one of the first on the scene in Knights Landing.

In an email, Martin told The Democrat that firefighters were fast and well organized Thursday, but were also hampered because the house was "packed full of stuff."

Firefighter knocked down 2

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