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Detroit’s new fire commissioner plans to reopen firehouses & do testing for promotions

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Randy Wimbley, WJBK-TV:

Jonathon Jackson says 2014 will be a big year for Detroit and he plans on re-tooling the department from top to bottom. "Business as usual in the Detroit fire department especially as it relates to equipment is just not going to cut it anymore."

Jackson is also pushing to re-open fire companies, hire more firefighters, and cross train those already on the job to handle EMS duties.

MI Detroit interim commissioner

There were more than 24,000 fire responses during a busy 2013. Many of those were arsons; few were ever solved.

But that could soon change as 8 new arson investigators may be coming to the city. Another possible change: firefighters may no longer be promoted based on seniority. The 100-year-tradition may soon change so that testing determines who's in charge and who's not.

That possible change in addition to 10 percent pay cuts across the board have many firefighters ready to jump ship.


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