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For second time shots fired at Cleveland, OH fire house. One bullet goes in front window & out rear window.

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For the second time in 10 days shots have been fired at Cleveland, Ohio's Fire Station No. 20, 3765 Pearl Road, near the Brooklyn Centre Historic District. No firefighters were struck.

In Washington, DC when you have a crime problem, they send a fire truck and firefighters to sit in the area to prevent such activity.

Suzanne Stratford, WJW-TV:

“It’s certainly very troubling for the firefighters at the station and across the division,” said Frank Szabo, president of Cleveland Firefighters IAFF Local 93.

The first report of gunshots being fired occurred during the New Year’s holiday.

Szabo said firefighters initially thought gunshots were related to “celebratory gunfire,” which is illegal in the city but has happened before.

OH Cleveland shots fired at firehouse

No evidence of damage was found during that incident.

However, Szabo was still concerned for the firefighter’s safety and met with the fire chief Thursday to discuss the situation. Later that same night, around 8:30 p.m., two gunshots were fired.

Firefighters said they’d just parked a fire vehicle and were exiting the truck when they heard the shots. One shot went through the front window of the firehouse and went through a rear window.

The other shot struck the front of a fire truck.

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