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Pre-arrival video at Warren, OH muffler shop. Plus citizen with camera calls firefighter a “punk”


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(Thanks to reader Jeremy Rodgers for sending along this video.)

This is quite the video. It captures the early stages of a fire yesterday at a muffler shop in Warren, Ohio. It's 14 minutes that includes a constant play-by-play of the fire by the videographer, including providing time checks. You hear the relief valves on the tanks inside.

The man with the camera apparently wasn't fond of being told to move by a firefighter stretching some hose and tells no one in particular, "Hey, dont mess with me. How about that?". This is followed by, "See you after the fire punk" and "one smart fireman". I am gathering he didn't have that face to face with the fireman after it was all over. At least it isn't on the video.


Warren muffler shop was destroyed Monday afternoon by a fire, which also destroyed three vehicles inside.

Firefighters responded to Lifetime Muffler and Auto Repair, 2643 W. Market St., about 3 p.m. Flames and smoke were pouring out of the building when firefighters arrived, but they did manage to recover two vehicles from inside. Three others were burned before the flames were extinguished.

OH Warren Muffler Shop

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