Reporter’s tweet about incest in West Virginia shows SMACSS isn’t just a public safety problem

WV Detroit rerporter tweet

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I've certainly spent enough time through the years showing you news coverage of stupid things firefighters have tweeted or posted on Facebook that got them in trouble. So it's time we turn the tables and show you a reporter who may soon be job hunting after her not too smart tweet from covering a public safety event. SMACSS, or Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome, is clearly universal problem, not just in public safety.

Zlati Meyer is, for the moment, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. She has been getting a large response on Twitter today about her Monday night tweet connecting the chemical spill caused water crisis to perceptions about the sex habits of those who live in West Virginia. This might work for a standup comic, but probably not the best career move for a journalist.

You can read more details at Huffington Post, which closed it's story with the tweet below from someone responding to @Zlatimeyer.

WV freep tweet response