Mayday in Lindale, Texas. 4 firefighters caught in house fire roof collapse. 1 with critical burns.

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Billy Goldfeder, The Secret List:

FF is in critical condition and three others were injured while operating in a house fire this morning. Around 1245 companies turned out to a 3000 sq foot single family dwelling on Childress Drive in the Lindale area.

About 40 minutes into it, a Lindale Firefighter became trapped as the garage area collapsed around him. The firefighter was flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas and at last check was in critical condition. Three other firefighters, one from Lindale and two from Dixie, were able to escape the collapse.

TX Lindale Joe Yeakley 1

The injured FF's are Lindale's Joe Yeakley and Dixie's Caleb Snider. Yeakley remains in critical condition at Parkland Medical in Dallas after receiving burns to his face and hands after a partial roof collapse. Yeakley is a 14-year veteran with he Lindale Fire Department and nearly 30 years in fire service. Snider also received minor burns on his arms during the incident. He was treated for his injuries at a local hospital and has been released. Snider has just over a year of experience. Companies from Lindale, Dixie, Red Springs, and Noonday responded.

TX Lindale Caleb SNider DIxie

Dixie Firefighter Caleb Snider

Kenneth Dean, Tyler Morning-Telegraph:

Smith County Assistant Fire Marshal Connie McCoy-Wasson told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that at least two firemen are injured, but one has been flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas with severe injuries.

Lindale firefighter Joe Yeakley is hospitalized in Dallas with burns over more than 50 percent of his body. Dixie firefighter Caleb Snider was treated and released from Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler.

McCoy-Wasson said the fire broke out shortly before 1 a.m. at a residence located 15922 Childress Drive.

She said when firefighters arrived on scene they made an interior attack on the house and the roof of the garage collapsed.

One firefighter was able to escape through a window and other firefighters located the second man a few minutes later.

TX Lindale mayday at house fire Childress