Houston firefighter who invented beer fire extinguisher gets thanked by the case full

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It’s been an interesting two weeks for Capt. Craig Moreau of the Houston Fire Department. On January 7th we noticed a little story done by a local radio station about Capt. Moreau, off duty the day before, putting out a truck fire by using the truck’s cargo, Coors beer, as fire extinguishers. The day after we highlighted the story from Houston TV stations picked it up, followed by the AP.

Craig Moreau is now world famous as the inventor of the Coors fire extinguisher. He even got a mention in Jay Leno’s monologue.

Coors took notice and wanted Capt. Moreau and his fellow firefighters to always have a hand-held fire extinguisher around. They delivered 20 cases on Thursday to the Houston Firefighters’ Association office and, as you will see above, Capt. Moreau was on hand for the delivery.

TX Houston Coors delivers 1-16-14

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