‘My little hero’ – Mother talks about 8-year-old son who died trying to save others

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Fund for family of Tyler Doohan

There is a fund set up through to pay for 8-year-old Tyler Doohan’s funeral and other family expenses following the fire Monday in Penfield, New York that killed the boy, his grandfather and uncle. News reports and the local fire chief say that Tyler woke up and alerted the nine people in the single-wide trailer of the fire. Six escaped, including Tyler, who went back in after his grandfather and uncle.

Lynette Adams, WHEC-TV:

Crystal Vrooman told me she is so proud of her son. This young man not only woke up a house full of sleeping people to warn them of fire, but he went back to try to save his grandfather. 

NY Penfield Doohan

“I’ve cried so much, I’ve cried so much it just doesn’t seem real. I don’t know, it’s just so hard. I’m never going to see him again,” said Vrooman. 

The pain is so great, Crystal Vrooman is almost at a loss of words. She gains strength as she talks about her son, Tyler Doohan, the child she says only wanted to have friends.

NY Penfield Doohan mother


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