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Raw video & radio traffic from vacant auto dealership in Los Angeles

Video above from LOUDLABS NEWS and below from firelensman of a suspicious fire Tuesday morning at a vacant Honda dealership building in Los Angeles. At the bottom is radio traffic in real time with additional video, also from LOUDLABS NEWS.

Ari Bookekatz, Los Angeles Times:

A fire that broke out at a two-story vacant car dealership at the edge of Ladera Heights early Tuesday morning — trapping two people on the roof — is “suspicious in nature,” authorities said.

The fire began at about 2:25 a.m. in the 5200 block of West Centinela Avenue near the border of Westchester. Firefighters who arrived on the scene had to rescue two people who may have been homeless and stuck on the roof, said Katherine Main of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

After they were rescued, the two people disappeared, Main said. Investigators were still trying to track down those two people and interview them.

Q McCray, KABC-TV:

Officials said the building’s small offices made it hard to put out the fire.

“It’s very difficult to have these confining, small area closets and stubborn fires in the area. Being an exterior attack, it’s hard to get into those interior, confined spaces,” said Chief Deputy Daren Palacios with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

CA Los Angeles LAFD vacant auto dealership 2 1-21-14

CA Los Angeles LAFD vacant auto dealership 1-21-14


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