UPDATED – Mayday at Fort Myers, FL structure fire after wall collapse

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(Thanks to Jeff Harkey (FireNews.net), Kelly Hinds & Bobby Hager (WINKNews.com) for their assistance with this story.)

WINK-TV (additional video here too):

Two firefighters were injured while battling a massive fire at 2746 Blake Street.

Battalion Chief Dave Tilton with the Fort Myers Fire Department said one firefighter is in the ICU with broken ribs and a clavicle injury, while the other suffered a hip fracture and some bumps and bruises. The fire department has identified to the two injured as Tony Price and Shane Remy.

Flames shot through the roof before it collapsed and fell on the firefighters.

WINK News anchor Haley Hinds said she saw part of the roof collapse on Price and Remy. Other firefighters started yelling and grabbing piece of wood, trying to lift them off.

NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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The fire ignited around midnight at the Omega Youth Community Development building on Blake Street.

While fighting the fire, officials say a wall collapsed on two firefighters.

One of the firefighters has a hip fracture and the other is in the intensive care unit suffering from rib and clavicle injuries.

Both firefighters are from fire station 1 in Fort Myers.

“In my position its trying not to focus in on them, because I still have to stay in command of the situation, and I realize that my personnel are trained to do what needs to be done and I still need to continue on with my job of overseeing everything, calling in additional resources, makings sure that we had the medics there and other things are taken care of,” said Battalion Chief David Tilton, Fort Myers Fire Department.

FL Fort Myers mayday at fire on Blake Street 2 1-24-14