Simple smoke alarm call with no fire is most popular firefighter story on web today


If you search “firefighter” in Google News today the first thing that pops up isn’t a dramatic fire or rescue or even a major scandal. It’s a smoke alarm call from Melbourne, Australia. Above and below are the action packed pictures that go with the story. Shame there is no helmet-cam video.

Snoop Dogg took the meaning of hotbox to a whole new level Thursday night … when he smoked out his Australian hotel room so intensely, firefighters RACED to the scene thinking there was a real fire!

Here’s what went down … cops say “smoke from an unidentified source” triggered a fire alarm around 10am … and firefighters who happened to be in the hotel rushed up to the scene to investigate the situation.

CBS News:

Firefighter Trevor Brown, the senior officer who arrived at the scene, said his team was caught off guard, to say the least, when they discovered the famous rapper inside the hotel room.

“He was pretty funny, a really nice guy,” Bowen told the Sydney Morning Herald. “If you didn’t know that he was someone famous you would just think he was a really nice guy.”

A spokesperson for the MFB has declined to say what exactly caused the fire alarm to set off, although it appears excessive smoke may have been a factor, as Snoop’s penchant for marijuana has been well-documented over the years.

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