Councilmember’s Facebook Post – ‘Detroit Fire Department is Best Bed & Breakfast place to work’

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Another lesson in leadership comes from Detroit Council President Pro-Tem George Cushingberry who posted on his Facebook page – “The Detroit Fire Department is the Best Bed and Breakfast place to work.  Especially for young people. Apply today!”

MI Detroit Cushingberry post 1-31-14

As you can imagine, the post sparked outrage (read details from Rhett Fleitz at The responses on Facebook forced Cushingberry to take down his page for now. Cushingberry told a reporter it was all a misunderstanding and blamed the post on a staffer who used a poor choice of words.

By the way, Cushingberry has been involved in a good deal of controversy recently. Check out the two stories below, including one with the headline “Cushingberry: Caught in a lie”.


Family members of fallen firefighters commented that they wished their loved one worked somewhere as safe as a bed and breakfast.

“Looks like the councilman is trying to put out some fires of his own on his Facebook page,” read one comment.

As the anger continued to escalate Cushingberry or his staff member tried to respond on Facebook,  commenting on his post saying quote “Cush has the DFD back.”

“We’re working under adverse conditions,” said Detroit Firefighters Association President Jeffrey Pegg. ” We’re hoping things improve through mediation but comments like this hurt the optimism.”

This isn’t Cushingberry’s only controversy.

In just one recent incident Detroit Police allegedly found marijuana and an open container of alcohol in his vehicle during a traffic stop earlier this month.