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Listen to fire & police radio traffic from call where CHP handcuffed Chula Vista firefighter

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Police and fire department radio traffic posted by firefighterdispatch from Tuesday night’s incident where Chula Vista Fire Department Engineer Jacob Gregoire was handcuffed by a California Highway Patrol officer.

Here’s part of the conversation between Engine 52’s officer and Battalion 51. It occurs at 6:00 on the recording above:

“Okay I don’t have time for a cell phone. This is ridiculous. CHP is arresting Engineer Gregoire for where he spotted the fire engine. We’re in the middle of patient care with patients on the freeway and we’re trying to protect our scene … and they’re putting him in handcuffs at this time and walking him away.”

Must see: Firefighter handcuffed at crash scene by California Highway Patrol

UPDATED: Chief speaks out about CHP handcuffing of Chula Vista firefighter at crash scene

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

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CA Chula Vista firefighter arrested 2 2-4-14


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