Bystanders save woman in fiery 4-vehicle cash in Pompano Beach, FL

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The drivers of four vehicles somehow all escaped this crash at a Pompano Beach, Florida intersection around 7:00 this morning. It occurred at West Sample R0ad and North Andrews Avenue.

Linda Trischitta & Rebeca Piccardo, Sun Sentinel:

“A female driver was westbound on Sample Road, went over the railroad tracks where other cars were slowed for a red light and her black Toyota Celica lodged underneath a Ford F-150 pickup truck,” Pompano Beach Fire Rescue spokeswoman Sandra King said.

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“The pickup truck’s gas tank was dislodged and caught fire,” King said. “Bystanders pulled the woman from her car.”

The dazed 45-year-old woman, critically injured and burned, wandered from the crash until Pompano Beach Fire Rescue paramedics caught up to her about 200 yards from the scene, King said.

FL Pompano Beach Sample Road crash 2 2-17-14

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