Arrival video of fire in Utica, NY that killed 6-month-old

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Early video from Maryam Uthman of a fire Sunday morning in Utica, New York that killed an infant. Warning: The audio with the video is difficult to listen to.

Thanks to  Carmen Ambrose. More information at the Utica Fire Department Facebook page.

Ned Campbell,

Utica fire crews responded to 1508 Dudley Ave. at 10:10 a.m. Sunday to find the upstairs apartment heavily involved in flames with the infant trapped inside, Chief Russell Brooks said.

NY Utica fatal fire Dudley Ave 2

Crews tried to enter the structure to locate and rescue the infant, but were beaten back by flames, Brooks said. On their second attempt to enter the building, they reached the second floor to find the infant’s dead body inside a bedroom, he said.

“The fire blocked the occupants of the house from getting to her,” he said. “Obviously, it’s horrible for the parents, the entire family, the neighborhood, and the firefighters involved in the search – their outright disappointment in not getting to this child in time.”

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