Helmet-cam video: House fire in Highland Park, MI

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Above is the latest helmet-cam video from Scott Ziegler of Michigan’s Highland Park Fire Department. For about two-years Scott has been providing us videos from this greatly overworked, underfunded and under-resourced department. But this will be one of Scott’s last videos.

Scott is about to leave the Highland Park Fire Department to live out his dream since childhood. According to his “friend” Fire-Cam’s Rob Schield, that dream is to open up a combination florist shop and herbal tea business in downtown Highland Park.

Knowing Rob the way I do, I decided to check further. Scott is not starting a flower and tea business. He’s actually been hired as a firefighter with the Detroit Fire Department.  We wish Scott well in his new venture.

Here’s some of Scott’s description with the video:

Called to reports of a dwelling fire on Avalon st mid afternoon. We arrived to find heavy fire on the 1st and 2nd floor. Upon making entry and knocking down the 1st floor we were alerted that there was possible people trapped. We made our way to the 2nd floor while FFs searched the 1st. We extinguished what fire we could while breaking off to do a search. During the search my right leg and left foot went through the floor which you can hear, gave me a bit of a scare lol. I edited a lot of this fire out since it was mostly dark and you can really only hear the sound of the water.


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