Caught on video: Violent flashover at rowhouse fire in Lewistown, PA

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Video above was posted by mcfdtv from what became an eight-alarm fire in Lewistown, Pennsylvania on Thursday.  The video was taken by Melissa Nohe Wheeler and it shows what is being described as a pretty violent flashover. Here’s some of what was written with the video:

Regardless of where the firefighters were, they all felt a flash-over explosion and many said this was the scariest moment during the evening. All of these companies and more, had members either inside of the building or close enough to feel the whole building shake. Carter said when the explosion happened, the ceiling came down and the fire was all around him and the group he was with.

Evacuate the Structure was ordered 

“We heard the air horn, which means you need to get out, but we were surrounded by fire and had to take a moment to get a safe way out,” Carter said. “I would call this the fire of the century.”

Below is more video from the same fire.

PA Lewistown flashover at 6 alarm fire 1 3-27-14

PA Lewistown flashover at 6 alarm fire 2 3-27-14