Two drones take flight above Lynchburg train derail – Did IC know about tree-top level fly-over?

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So, you are in charge of a large scale hazardous materials incident like yesterday’s (Wednesday) train derailment and fire in Lynchburg and suddenly you see two drones or UAVs flying above or near your scene. Should you be concerned?

The video above is from the drone flying right over the derailed and burned out train. It’s from Sam Scott at I first saw his video on WDBJ-TV. I am curious if the IC was aware of this tree-top flyover of his scene.

VA Lynchburg train derail & fire 3 4-30-14

I called Mr. Scott to ask if the flight was done in coordination with those in charge and received a reply of “no comment”.

Below is a second video from a UAV launched from the other side of the James River. This one does not get as up-close & personal with the train.

Expect to see more and more of these flights above your incident scenes. Any thoughts on how you will deal with it or if it is even a concern?

Also, there is some additional early video (non-drone) from the incident, below.


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