UPDATED: Search for Cal Fire battalion chief wanted for murder – Suspect’s family makes allegations about relationship

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Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for a Cal Fire battalion chief, wanted in connection with a Thursday morning homicide.

Investigators told FOX40 there is evidence in his work truck that ties 55-year-old Orville Fleming to the crime scene where 26-year-old Sarah Douglas was found dead.

Fleming was engaged to Douglas while in the process of getting a divorce.

CA Sacramento Cal Fire BC charged with murder 2


Investigators in Sacramento say Fleming may have left northern California. They alerted law enforcement here in the Central Valley that he may be headed this way. 

Sacramento County Sheriff’s investigators linked Orville Fleming to the stabbing death of his live-in fiancé. The victim’s family members identify her to our sister-station, KXTV, as 26-year-old Sarah Douglas.

They say she was found inside her home, by her sister, with multiple stab wounds and a sheet wrapped around her neck. “She died horrifically, she died violently, and she didn’t have that coming,” Trina Werly, Douglas’ aunt said. “Nobody has that coming.”

KFSN-TV Update:

Action News obtained Facebook messages from a family member of Fleming. The unidentified family member tells us the victim, Douglas, admitted she was a prostitute. And she says Chief Fleming owed her $2,000 and threatened the family unless she got paid.

The scandalous series of Facebook messages from Douglas say Fleming had agreed to pay her for sex. In one message, Douglas complained “he bailed, leaving his clothes here with all my bills due and i didn’t get paid. It is not fair to me because i worked for that money and because what i do for a living he thinks its okay to do that to me.”

CA Sacramento Cal Fire BC charged with murder

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