You be the judge: Is this video of a cop handling extrication of crash victim anything?

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This is an interesting video shot early this month in Chico, California. It shows Chico Police Department Officer David Bailey trying to get 64-year-old Joseph Rosales out of his overturned vehicle that Rosales just drove into a building. Rosales believes he was abused by the officer in the way he was pulled from the vehicle. The police department says Officer Bailey was concerned about the potential for collapse and needed to get Rosales out of danger.

Watch the video and tell me what you think.


Chico police officials said Rosales wasn’t listening and they were trying to get him out of harm’s way.

CA Chico police extrication from vehicle 2

Bailey told Rosales part of the building could fall on them both and orders him out of the car.

Rosales told Bailey he needed to get his dog.

“I don’t want to get killed because you want to get your dog,” Bailey said to Rosales on the video.

The video then shows Rosales looking down in the car slow to respond. The officer becomes more forceful and grabs Rosales’ arm.

“There you can see and he tried to break it,” said Rosales referring to the video. “See he’s twisting it, you can see the marks he left.”

The Chico Police Department said they believe Bailey did the right thing and was trying to save both of their lives.

CA Chico police extrication from vehicle 3


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