Firefighter/paramedic in the news for being naked & afraid

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Callahan, Florida firefighter and paramedic Justin Bullard gets his 15 minutes of fame for being two things those in public safety aren’t necessarily applauded for, naked and afraid. On July 6 we will see Ballard as a contestant on the Discovery Channel’s survival show with that very title, “Naked and Afraid.” On the show a man and woman have to make it 21 days together in a “harsh survival situation “. Oh, and did I mention they are naked?

Lewis Turner,

“It is incredibly hard to survive with no clothes,” Bullard said. “You can’t even sit down without thinking about it.”

When his firefighter co-workers and friends heard he was going to be on the show, the reaction was harsh, but they’d tell you they weren’t surprised.

“My first reaction?” asked fellow firefighter and best friend Adam Bolger. “I was like what’s this guy thinking, he’s got to be an idiot.”

But, apparently it’s common knowledge, Bullard doesn’t mind being naked.

“Anyone who knows me and knew me through my partying years knows that about me,” he said.

FL Callahan naked & afraid contestant

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