UPDATED: OK trooper who put paramedic in choke hold again under investigation

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(Important note: KOCO-TV has changed its version of the story since Saturday. Initially the TV station used the term “fondling” and then changed it to “sexual misconduct”. KOCO-TV now reports this involved an inappropriate photo. See details below.)

Remember the video above from May, 2009? It was the most popular story on for that year, bringing in more than 500 comments on one post alone.

More than five years later comments still come in about the confrontation between Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Daniel Martin and Paramedic Maurice White after Martin pulled over the Creek Nation ambulance which had a patient on board.

STATter911 coverage of 2009 confrontation

The story made national news with coverage by CBS and Fox. The video has almost six million views. Now, Trooper Daniel Martin is making news again.

According to KOCO-TV, this involves a June incident at the Cadet Lawmen Academy in Burns Flats. It’s a program for high school students interested in law enforcement.


KOCO-TV has now learned Martin showed an inappropriate adult photo to a fellow trooper at the Cadet Lawmen Academy in Burns Flat in June.

The Cadet Lawmen Academy is a camp for high school seniors who want to learn what it’s like to be a trooper.

Martin was released from the assignment at the academy but remains on duty while an internal investigation is completed.

OK Daniel Martin photo

More details (and apparently more accurate) are coming from other Oklahoma news outlets.

Samantha Vicent, Tulsa World:

In the release, OHP public affairs spokesman George Brown said troopers are investigating allegations against trooper Daniel Martin. A complaint filed against Martin states Martin showed the photo, which wasn’t of himself, to a fellow trooper during the first few days of the Cadet Lawman Academy in Burns Flat, Brown said.

A media report earlier this week claimed Martin was under investigation for sexual misconduct involving a child, but Brown refuted those allegations. OHP released its statement after a reporter from KOCO Channel 5, Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate, learned of the allegation and contacted officials, Brown said.

“There have been no allegations of physical contact or direct inappropriate behavior between Trooper Martin and attending members of the Cadet Lawman Academy,” he said, adding the matter was “between peers only.”

Paramedic White also got into other trouble after the 2009 incident, when he was accused of resisting arrest following an off-duty traffic stop in Oklahoma in January, 2010.


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