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Must see video: Downed wires forces firefighters to watch MI house burn

This is quite a video from airdriver. It was taken yesterday (Tuesday) on Mandalay Street in Royal Oak, Michigan. Firefighters watched as the home burn because of the electrical hazard that started the fire. Here’s the description with the video:

A transformer blew up on Madalay Street in Royal Oak, Mi. The live power line fell onto the house and started a fire that eventually consumed the entire building. The ROFD was unable to fight the fire directly because it took almost forty five minutes for the local utility, DTE Energy to shut off the power.

MI Royal Oak house fire electrical 7-22-14

Michael P. McConnell,

The downed DTE line was shooting electrical sparks and started a fire shortly after it was reported. 

“When we have a fire like this involving a high-voltage line we can’t attack it until the power is off,”  (Royal Oak Fire Chief Chuck) Thomas said. “Putting water on electricity is dangerous.” 

Firefighters sprayed water on nearby garages to keep the fire from spreading and called DTE to the scene.

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