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UPDATE – Caught on video: Rescue of Newark, NJ firefighter – Spokesman says no ‘imminent danger’

More fire videos from


Reporter Jessica Mazzola has an interesting update at NJ Advance Media on Monday night’s fire in Newark. Mazzola reports that a spokesman for the Newark Fire Department is downplaying any danger to the firefighter who was seen on video straddling the window:

A video of the Fire Department’s response to the fire posted on YouTube by user Jeff Stang shows a firefighter exiting one of the homes during the fire from a top floor window and going down a fire truck ladder.

Though Brown said he could not comment on the circumstances surrounding the firefighter’s exit, he said he was in “no imminent danger.” 


Raw video above from Jeff Stang and below by Skyler Fire as a Newark, New Jersey firefighter straddled a window ledge to escape the second floor and waited for a ladder during a fire on Fillmore Street around 9:30 yesterday (Monday) evening. No further information.

NJ Newark trapped firefighter 7 8-11-14


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