News report: Former PA firefighter who is convicted arsonist & sex offender spotted in gear at fire

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KDKA-TV investigative reporter Marty Griffin is trying to find out why a former volunteer firefighter who is on probation for arson and sexual assault was spotted Saturday night in full gear at a house fire in Mt. Oliver, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County). Francis Kestner Jr. is the son of the Mt. Oliver fire chief.

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According to the news report, Kestner can be seen in both a picture taken by a bystander and in the TV station’s own video.

Marty Griffin, KDKA-TV:

Kestner was also arrested for arson about a decade ago. He was accused of – and later pleaded guilty – to setting fires at vacant home in Mt. Oliver, then rushing to put them out.

More on town reaction to Kestner’s return

“There was injuries to innocent folks, as well as a couple firefighters during the course of putting out these fires,” said former Allegheny County Fire Marshal Bob Full back in February 2003.

Kestner is also a convicted sex offender and can be found on the Megan’s Law website. He pleaded guilty to sex assault charges in 2010.

Now investigators want to know why he was at the scene of the Mt. Oliver fire, who allowed him to take equipment from the fire department and who allowed him to be there. If he violated his probation, he can be sent to jail for doing so.

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