Drone video & radio traffic from Remington Arms building fire in Bridgeport, CT

Drone video from Keith Muratori at FIREGROUNDIMAGES with radio traffic added (not in real time) from the suspicious fire Tuesday at the old Remington Arms building in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


The fire broke out Tuesday, around 11:30 in the morning causing a great deal of damage on the top floors. But this building wasn’t in the best condition to begin with. It was abandoned in the mid 1980’s and has fallen victim to vandals and fires over the years.

CT Bridgeport Remington Arms fire drone 1 8-19-14

“We don’t want crews up there. There’s holes in the floor, roof, there are collapsed parts in the building so it makes access difficult,” said Richard Thode, Assistant Chief, Bridgeport Fire Department.

Fire crews spent all night on the scene, dousing hot spots inside the factory. Since they can’t reach parts of the building on foot or using their equipment, they’re turning to technology for help. A drone is giving them a vantage point they can’t get on their own.

“We flew it up over the building and into many of the different courtyards of the building, we were able to look down and see small pockets of fire so we can get a better idea of the areas that are still burning,” said Thode.

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