TX firefighter stabbed trying to put out fire

TX Yorktown firefighter stabbed 8-19-14

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In Yorktown, Texas a firefighter was stabbed Tuesday night as he tried to extinguish a fire in front of a man’s home in the 400 block of West Sixth Street. The man was burning brush, a couch and a trash bin when firefighters intervened.

According to news reports, 35-year-old Kirk Engle yelled at firefighters to stop and they told him burning was not allowed inside the city limits. That’s when Engle lunged toward Firefighter Brian Smolik.

Sara Sneath at the Victoria Advocate reports that Smolik thought he had been punched in the stomach, but instead had a 2-inch gash to his lower abdomen. Apparently no vital organs were hit.

After Smolik was stabbed, another firefighter grabbed Smolik and dragged him behind a fire truck for protection. A third firefighter attempted to speak with Engle, who lunged again, missing that third firefighter, Campos said.

Engle then left the scene, (Yorktown Police Chief Paul) Campos said.

Police officer Josh Serbin and Campos responded to the stabbing.

The man was found in the 600 block of Kraege Street. Serbin arrived first at the scene as Engle attempted to enter a residence. Serbin got out of his vehicle and, with his gun aimed at Engle, told the suspect to get away from the house and get down on the ground.

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