No connection between naked woman on flagpole & 2-alarm apartment fire?

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You’d think somehow these two incidents were related but, much to the disappointment of news people and trashy fire service websites, they are not. Still, that isn’t going to keep me from writing about it.

OR Portland naked woman bank building 8-20-14

The two things happened about the same time late Wednesday night and just a block apart in Downtown Portland, Oregon. One was a naked woman climbing a flagpole on the roof of the Oregon Bank Building. She was carrying a lighter and a fire extinguisher and had wrapped herself in the American flag. Moments later there was a two-alarm fire on the rooftop of the Yeon Building at Southwest 5th and Alder.

Fire investigators, who would have had no problem convincing anyone the nutty nude started the fire, have determined these two incidents are separate events and unrelated. I’m happy that these skilled fire detectives are thorough and just going where the facts and evidence take them, but what happened to the idea of just giving the public what it wants?

OR Portland Yeon building fire 8-20-14


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